• Clevette Harris

    is an acclaimed author who is lauded as one of the great voices of American literature. A devout Christian born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She was raised in the church under the guidance of her Mother, Audrey Matthews (RIP). Clevette is one of five siblings.
    Clevette holds a degree in Business Management from the Commonwealth Business College, and the P.H.D. in Christ (because she Praises Him Daily). She loves to listen to music, singing, and comedy. Clevette has two children but is the Mother of many. She enjoyed working in corporate America for over 15 years. After being struck with a debilitating condition in the year 2000. This latter left her on permanent disability in 2005.
    Through her struggles and the rain, God answered and walked with her. Clevette has 4 books, Through The Storm, After The Storm, Blessed Assurance, and Brainstorm: Is This The Beginning??? She is also a co-author in Finding Joy In The Journey Volume 2. Clevette uses her writings as a ministry. Realizing God had a purpose for her life. She began reaching to the community. He guides her hand and she discerns between misfortune, good, bad, and testimony. That is why she sows devotional messages, prayer requests, and spiritual reflections. She pours these seeds of inspiration to thousands of Internet readers on Facebook - Steps Of Faith Ministries.
    Clevette is a Deaconess at Rising Mount Zion in Sandston, Virginia. She's also one of the intercessors with the Weapons Of Praise, Morning Dew Prayer Team. “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another. ~Leviticus 19:11 Clevette is known to keep it REAL.


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  • Finding Joy In The Journey Vol. 2

    Have you ever found it hard to find Joy Amid life’s trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone! Ninety phenomenal coauthors give a real talk about love and healing in “Finding Joy in the Journey VOL 2”. Providing Tips and Tools for Healthy Ways to NAVIGATE THROUGH ANY DIFFICULT SITUATION! Through these stories, each author demonstrates that while education, money, and professional achievement can certainly play a role, true JOY goes deeper than material possessions and accomplishments. Every journey is unique-no two people’s journey will be exactly alike, but we can learn from each other. Get ready to laugh and cry, sometimes all on the same page!

    Through The Storm

    is not to FORGET where you've come from, but it's to be able to go BEYOND where you've been. It's to encourage and inspire those who are presently facing life day to day trials and tribulations and to keep those who have made it. Through The Storm reminds you to stay FOCUSED and maintain a positive outlook on your BLESSINGS, instead of the misfortunes and hardships you've come beyond.

    After The Storm

    a comforting account of how the sun peaks once the rain stops. No matter the battle; God remains and there is joy that comes in the morning. Clevette's transformation makes you realize that blessings outweigh burdens on any day.

    Blessed Assurance

    is a scripture based devotional with words that will supply your every need. Helping in times of doubt as well as needing God's clarity. The times of gloom and when you're carefree. Assisting the youngest heart to the most seasoned family.


    Brainstorm: Is This The Beginning???

    is a TESTimonial of pain felt circumstances that will touch any heart. Walk the roads of agony and endure some of the uphill battles with writer Clevette Harris. Feel the power-wrenching electricity as she accepts counsel from the Lord. Putting her head together with His heart she realizes that, after a fall, you can rise again. Read along with Ms Harris to discover if your aftermath will also be your beginning???


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